Maery Lanahan: Live Underwater

Maery Lanahan: Live Underwater
Title: Live Underwater
Label: CD Baby

'Live Underwater rides the waves of various emotions, finishing as passionate as anything Ani DiFranco ever did, and just as good too.' -The Columbus Alive The Story 'This project was recorded live in the studio with an audience. We kept the songs in their pure states with no overdubs. Most of them were on the 'first take'...broken strings, missed notes and all.' Maery Lanahan's music is different. By listening to the unusual phrasings, chord changes, lyrics, and instrumentation, one can eventually get a feel for how differently she approaches music. By comparing her first full-length album, entitled 'lessen', with 'Live Underwater', maëry lanahan goes from one end of the production spectrum to the other. 'Lessen' was a year in the making. Studio time was booked according to how much extra money she and Brian could spare that month. So the album was drawn out and doted upon. All of the bass and drum tracks were written in the studio as maery was a solo performer up to this point. Each track was carefully placed on tape, and as the album title denotes - the philosophy was 'less is more'. That 'less' was to be fine-tuned and analyzed until it was just the right feel. After 'Lessen' was released in 2000, maery formed and developed a trio that would go on to do a two month tour spanning the upper midwest and east coast the fall of 2001. As the band developed a full sound around maëry's songwriting, they began to grow out of the 'Folk Rock' label that was fitting for many of the songs on 'Lessen'. This album, sold mainly at their live performances, no longer represented their live stage presence, which had escalated as it evolved. Their loyal and diverse following was begging for the new sound to come out on disc. Recognizing that their strength and experience was in their live performance, they decided to 'get the music out there' and release a live album. So after winning free studio time from the Dayton Band Playoffs and, they hosted an in-studio live performance at Refraze Recording Studio. Instead of taking a year to create a CD, this was recorded in two 'live' sessions. The result is a raw glimpse into the potential and reality of what maëry lanahan is all about. 'Live Underwater' is the third release from their independent record label 'Not My Fault Records'. The Hybrid Players maëry lanahan - all vocals, acoustic guitar mic'd and through an effects pedal, ebow Alessandro Cortez - electric bass (through an envelope filter sometimes) and acoustic guitar Megan Palmer - personally customized six-string electronic violin, acoustic violin Brian DeWeese - tabla, customized electronic-acoustic-hybrid drum kit.

1.1 The Birds
1.2 Sculpting My Desire with Discomfort
1.3 The Yearning Intro
1.4 The Yearning
1.5 Tangibly Ghostish
1.6 Circling Currents
1.7 Ave Maria
1.8 Piece of Flint
1.9 The Promise
1.10 Corey
1.11 Two Silhouettes

Maery Lanahan: Live Underwater

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