Magellanmusic: Strange Traffic of Dreams

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Magellanmusic

Artist: Magellanmusic
Title: Strange Traffic of Dreams

A Strange Traffic of Dreams represents one night in the life of MagellanMusic. Highs, lows, subtle soundscapes all play a part in the series of dreams in which the listener participates. 25 years of experience performing every kind of music known to man has come together in MagellanMusic's 27th Indie Release. From the surreal backdrop of Amariah Hession's keyboards, to the soaring guitars of Per Jensen and the inviting voice of AAA Marrz, MagellanMusic takes you on a journey of sound.

1.1 Sound Is Your Dream
1.2 B17
1.3 If Only I Could
1.4 Complex Waves in Synergy
1.5 Long Long Ride
1.6 You Mean More to Me
1.7 New World Order
1.8 Fung ; Chunky
1.9 Just Along for the Ride
1.10 I Wish I Could Start Again
1.11 Mysterious Signals
1.12 Funkit
1.13 One of These Days
1.14 Yes, Mildred (There Was Life on Mars)
1.15 Reflection

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