Magic Island: Wasted Dawn

Magic Island: Wasted Dawn
Title: Wasted Dawn
Label: Mansions & Millions
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Wasted Dawn developed under the influence of a close circle of Berlin-based artists and friends, including Touchy Mob and Montreal's Sean Nicholas Savage (Arbutus Records). "Baby Blu" epitomizes Magic Island's aesthetic: A crystalline sensuality, diffuse and subdued, fragile yet immensely strong. Pushed gently along by the imbricated earworms of an echoing Casio refrain and a twirling little piano figure, it is a love song whose directness is at once innocently flirtatious and maturely candid. Yet it's complicating coda signals a melancholy embrace of contradiction and bittersweet impossibility that gives Wasted Dawn a unique depth. Includes download code.

1.1 01. Wasted Dawn (2:41)
1.2 02. Dream Holiday (4:19)
1.3 03. Baby Blu (5:12)
1.4 04. So Tender (4:57)
1.5 05. Better Than Be4 (4:30)

Magic Island: Wasted Dawn

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