Magnet: Don't Be a Penguin

Magnet: Don&
Title: Don't Be a Penguin
Label: CD Baby

Don't Be a Penguin is the first of four Magnet albums. It features the drumming of Moe Tucker from the Velvet Underground. The songs were written around her classic stand-up style of drumming, and they range from a driving sound like 'Julie' to a mellow country vibe on 'Banger.' Moe enjoyed recording the album and liked the final product enough to go out and do a couple of tours with Magnet in 1997. 'Summer & Winter' is a cover of an Anne Summers song that features a duet with Moe....'You once told me you'd save the world...You once told'd marry Traci Lords..' If you are a fan of the Velvet Underground, I hope you will appreciate this album. M.

1.1 Julie
1.2 Banger
1.3 Summer ; Winter
1.4 Everyone
1.5 One Day
1.6 Even If
1.7 Better Way
1.8 Don't Be a Penguin
1.9 On We Go
1.10 Not My World
1.11 Smiles
1.12 Let's Order Some Thai Food
1.13 Down Down
1.14 Blame

Magnet: Don't Be a Penguin

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