Magnus Goethe

Magnus Goethe: Fairuza

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Artist: Magnus Goethe

Artist: Magnus Goethe
Title: Fairuza

Magnus Goethe is the keyboardplayer of swedens hottest new wave/punk band 'Val and The Bitches' as well as the no1 funkband in Sweden 'The Neon Romeoz'. 'Fairuza' is this soulful keyboard/synth prodigy's followup solocreation to his 2003 album 'Electro luv'. 'Fairuza' is a passionate journey through the ambient soundcapes of electrofunk. Analogue funkiness from a wide range of influences like Prince's MPLS funk,Bernie Worrell/Junie Morrison of P-Funk,Zapp,Kraftwerk & so much more funk & soulful sounds.

1.1 Futuristic
1.2 Masquerade
1.3 Paris
1.4 Bubblejuice
1.5 Light Up My Life
1.6 Constellation
1.7 Bliss
1.8 The Taste
1.9 Garden Walls
1.10 Sandrose
1.11 Infinity

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