Magpie: Living Planet

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Artist: Magpie

Artist: Magpie
Title: Living Planet

'...Magpie's finest work to date...filled with a spirit of transcendence that permeates even the most anguished prophetic cries.' - Paul Seaman, Sojourners '...The arrangements and vocal performances are absolute perfection, if there is such a thing.' - Evan Pritchard, Resonance Magazine '...among the finest contemporary folk albums you'll find anywhere...The harmonies are exquisite... I love this music, It is the kind that has always touched me deeply. For anyone out there who feels that meaningful songs aren't what they used to be, check this out.' - Daniel Rose-Redwood, Pathways 'This month's best release comes from Magpie, whose Living Planet (*****) raises ecological consciousness and puts it's money where it's mouth is: all royalty proceeds go to environmental action groups...Greg Artzner's guitar matures with every release and Terry Leonino is one of the strongest harmony singers around. Together, they are one of folk music's treasures.' - Rob Weir, The Valley Advocate.

1.1 Isle of May
1.2 Amarok
1.3 The Magpie
1.4 Letter to Eve
1.5 The Rainforest Song
1.6 River's Takin' Care of Me
1.7 This Old Bay
1.8 Killing Rain
1.9 Song of the Whales
1.10 The Brandy Tree
1.11 Cordova
1.12 The Land Knows You're There
1.13 Living Planet

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