Maharajas: You Can't Beat Youth

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Artist: Maharajas

Artist: Maharajas
Title: You Can't Beat Youth
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Members of the mighty Maharajas are garage rock legend Jens Lindberg (the Crimson Shadows, Friends, the Maggots, the Stomachmouths, the Wylde Mammoths), Ulf Guttormsson (the Coroners), Mathias Lilja (the Strollers) and Jesper Karlsson (Nymphet Noodlers, the Diamond Dogs, Thunder Express).

1.1 You Can't Beat Youth
1.2 Walk with Me
1.3 Too Late to Repent
1.4 How Many Times?
1.5 I'm Alright
1.6 Slave
1.7 Everything O'Clock
1.8 Action Denied
1.9 Dark Places
1.10 Don't Do It Again
1.11 Hurt Me Please
1.12 We Come in Peace

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