Majestic Noble

Majestic Noble: Re-Birth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Majestic Noble

Artist: Majestic Noble
Title: Re-Birth

The Re-Birth is a pure Hip-Hop album in it's true essence, that exemplifies a turning point in my life where I realized that when your all out of answers in this world, all you have left to turn to is God. Basically, you'll hear original and creative music with alot of depth, but in an understanding and clever way.

1.1 The Re-Birth
1.2 Built for This
1.3 Fantasy
1.4 Church
1.5 On Your Feet
1.6 Hip-Hop
1.7 Pieces of Man
1.8 Karma
1.9 Signs
1.10 Choice
1.11 Cherish
1.12 Character
1.13 Move on
1.14 Stand Above
1.15 The Meaning
1.16 Snare
1.17 Dreams
1.18 Journey

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