Mak Nikova

Mak Nikova: To Be Certain

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mak Nikova

Title: To Be Certain
Label: CD Baby

I really like to make bass music! It's awesome to see people who I least expect to like it, dancing or nodding their heads to a rap or beat I made. I love collaborations as well. Fusing ideas, changing rhythms, bass drops, breakdowns, and drumrolls all have it's place. I get to making very trance-like music almost at times and can keep it Hip-Hop with a positive sound. Catchy melodies and unique sounds incorporate my style, and rarely will I 'sample.' I kind of get off on the fact that it's original music, and a lot I thought of while in prayer and meditation. Many of my lyrics come when I'm in prayer, because there's usually so much I want to say. Prayer narrows it down for me. I went from being a dark poetic gangsta rapper, to a preaching lyrical assassin. I want to shout out Demoni Entertainment for believing in me. My rap crew DukLow, thank you guys for holding me down, Monsta AG, Geno Mac and Swag 2x! Bosswell - Roswell! Memphis, TN! ATL! Shoutouts to Mick Merlo, that's like my bestfriend! Shouts to NewMusic. Emory, I appreciate all your hard-work and efforts, without you this album would not be. T.M.I. FOREVER! Shouts to my family, KABY, Vile! I also want to thank the Lord, Almighty himself! Thank you, God my Father, for none of this would be possible without you and your loving and patience. Thank you.

1.1 In the End (Come to You)
1.2 I Need You More Than Me
1.3 Underes' (Underestimated)
1.4 Super Saiyan
1.5 Star
1.6 Too Much Soul
1.7 Sonar
1.8 Rely on Truth
1.9 Pray for Them
1.10 Hope
1.11 Enrollment
1.12 Black ; White
1.13 I Represent
1.14 Thank You Jesus
1.15 Half-Sleep
1.16 Hustle More

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