Maki Yamada

Maki Yamada: 12Nin No Shoujo Jigoku

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Artist: Maki Yamada

Artist: Maki Yamada
Title: 12Nin No Shoujo Jigoku

Maki Yamada : The romantic songstress from Fukuoka JAPAN. The name is Maki Yamada. A girl period emotional Maki was spent on the worship of the glam rock and the Kyusaku Yumeno (famous mysterious author). She met Hisako Tabuchi (bloodthirsty butchers/toddle) in the high school student age, and formed the band together. Afterwards, she was on the register in Japile and FIELD. The performance and recording are experienced. After the FIELD activity had stopped, She formed psychedelic band GINZA LIGHTS as Bass/Vocal. 12nin No Syoujo Jigoku (Girl hell of 12): The world (YUMENO KYUSAKU and Edgar Allan Poe are recollected) like an old mysterious novel. Maki Yamada of this album is singing of girl's 12 sorrows, nothingness, innocence, and transience. The sound such as a psychedelic, acid fork, girl pops in the 60's, and new waves ... It shows Maki Yamada's music career.

1.1 Theme of Girl Hell / Innocence of a Lost Girl
1.2 Black Cat
1.3 Like a Fool
1.4 Woman in Mars
1.5 Blindness
1.6 Red Wound
1.7 Silently
1.8 Step of Love
1.9 Don't Forget Me
1.10 Yuriko Himekusa
1.11 Butterfly
1.12 Sacrifice

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