Malchus: Didymos

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Artist: Malchus

Artist: Malchus
Title: Didymos

"Didymos" is the fifth recording for melodic/progressive metal band Malchus. Formed in May 2004 and hailing from Przeworsk, Poland, Malchus was founded by Radoslaw Solek, who also shared vocal duties with Illluminandi for a time. Having recorded 4 demos and played a lot of local shows over the years, the band decided it was finally time to enter the studio to record and "Didymos" is the result. It is hard to label the style of Malchus. Their music is a union of heavy guitar sounds and technical keyboard play. Their compositions are characterized by their interesting structure and form. With influences from Opeth to Dream Theater, and vocal help from Illuminandi vocalist/guitarist Jan Trebacz, Malchus bring something unexpected to the table.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Lost at Sea
1.3 Didymos
1.4 Malchus
1.5 Sign of God
1.6 Passio
1.7 All the Glory
1.8 Holy Hypocrisy
1.9 Ressurectio

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