Malcolm McKinney: Don't Cry Blue

Malcolm McKinney: Don&
Title: Don't Cry Blue
Label: CD Baby

"The music is poignant, simple and accurate. He has put a reality into words that most don't even acknowledge." Nicole from Maine ' Sometimes in the morning I think I hear a phrase echo through the haze Just beyond my vision Something that she said one night Before we went to bed one night' Sometimes Malcolm McKinney composes and performs acoustic music in the folk/country genre. His songs 'Don't Cry Blue,' 'Sometimes in the Morning', and more have been recorded and sung by Jonathan Edwards, Tom rush, Bill and Bonnie Hearne, and others. He was a member of the band Sugar Creek with Jonathan Edwards and Joe Dolce of 'Shaddap You Face' fame. He performed solo and with his brother Todd in the New England area during the 1970s and worked in Nashville with a small publishing company in the early 1980s. He has been living and working in Southeast Florida since 1987 and has appeared at the Florida Folk Festival, the South Florida Folk Festival, the Will McLean Music Festival, and various venues in South Florida 2008 Second Place Will McLean New Florida Song Contest: "The Ghosts of Flagler's Train" 2004 Top Ten Non Cash winner Will McLean New Florida Song Contest: "We Won't Hear the Everglades Cry"

1.1 All Broke Down
1.2 Love Them Both
1.3 Railroad Gone
1.4 Lonesome Wheels
1.5 She Talks All Night and Day
1.6 Looking for Signs of Love
1.7 Sometimes
1.8 The Father, the Child, and the Man
1.9 The Least of These
1.10 Guess I Got Lucky
1.11 One Woman
1.12 Don't Cry Blue

Malcolm McKinney: Don't Cry Blue

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