Malicious Damage: Fallen Kingdom

Malicious Damage: Fallen Kingdom
Title: Fallen Kingdom
Label: CD Baby

1987 was the year Malicious Damage formed. The band who hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is currently a four piece. Their music can be described as a full frontal audio assault. One thing for sure is that it will leave you hooked on Malicious Damage. Since it's inception, Malicious Damage has encountered many changes due to our global society. These events have slowly changed Malicious Damage into what it is today. If we, as a society, continue on this path we will leave behind a scorched earth. Tony original guitarist and founding member of the band says We're not looking to be a voice of a generation, just an outlet to express ourselves through our music. Since it's beginning Malicious Damage has evolved into a new breed of musicians. They are Tony (guitars), Josh (vocals), Patrick (bass), and Dave (drums). It took Tony many years to find the right people through several other projects to complete the new Malicious Damage. In fact Malicious Damage had not recorded any new material in over 14 years, so when he met Josh it was then that he decided to reform Malicious Damage. Tony thought the vocals and lyrics of what Josh were providing were just what he wanted Malicious Damage to sound like. Dave (from the second line up in back in 1991) and new to the South Florida scene Patrick were a duo at the time with their own project. They were trying to get their own thing together and Tony, still being good friends with Dave, recruited the two of them into the band. I had always clicked musically with Dave so it just came naturally to have him back on board, says Tony. Once we had all the new members in place, the music just came naturally. We hit our favorite recording studio, Eclectic Larryland, and wrote the 5 song E.P. entitled Scorched Earth Policy which was written and recorded in 6 weeks. We hope you dig the new Malicious Damage because there is definitely more to come, and remember it's all about the Damage.

1.1 World of Lies
1.2 In the Shade of Deaths Shadow
1.3 Eye Arrive
1.4 Reborn Shaman
1.5 Crystal Clear
1.6 Discipline
1.7 Self Condemned
1.8 Where Hell Exists and Death Prays
1.9 Revelation Six
1.10 Blue Collar Outlaw

Malicious Damage: Fallen Kingdom

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