Mama Mac: Mama Mac

Mama Mac: Mama Mac
Title: Mama Mac
Label: CD Baby

Mama Mac is a fun-loving character who inspires children through music. In her own unique and welcoming style Mama Mac performs many genres of music, from rock and roll to country and blues and even reggae and island music. This eclectic style is what makes her music appealing to people of all ages and backgrounds. Amy and Mike Elkins are the creators of Mama Mac. A singer songwriter for over 15 years, Amy Elkins is a veteran of the Los Angeles indie music scene, having played at such venues as the El Rey Theater, Highland Grounds, The Mint and Genghis Cohen. Amy Elkins was a finalist of Sarah McLachlan\'s Lilith Fair, and wrote and performed the music for the award-winning documentary \'Swimming Upstream.\' Getting his start in the University of Pennsylvania Glee Club under the direction of Bruce Montgomery, Mike Elkins has performed with such names as Mayim Bialik and Jeff Coon. Amy and Mike have three wonderful children Benjamin, Lila and their new baby Mia. The name \'Mama Mac\' was inspired by Amy\'s volunteer role as the Macaroni Monday Mom at her children\'s preschool. After Amy cooked the pasta and delivered it to the classes, she started playing original songs for the kids. Soon after, Amy became known around school as Mama Mac.

1.1 Bongo Baby
1.2 Bye Bye Boo Boo
1.3 Hop
1.4 Mix It Up!
1.5 Rocket Ship
1.6 Funny Bone
1.7 Benjamin the Bear
1.8 Family
1.9 Skipping Stone
1.10 Traffic Light
1.11 Firefly
1.12 Food
1.13 Bath Medley
1.14 Sounds
1.15 Charlie
1.16 Growing Up

Mama Mac: Mama Mac

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