Mama's Black Sheep

Mama's Black Sheep: Unmarked Highway

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Artist: Mama's Black Sheep
Title: Unmarked Highway

Mama's Black Sheep is the musical collision of singer-songwriters Ashland Miller (guitar/vocals) and Laura Cerulli (drums/vocals). With a casual demeanor onstage, these ladies will make you feel like you've known them and their music for years. Perhaps you have, as they are both veterans of the singer-songwriter circuit. Unmarked Highway is the debut CD for Mama's Black Sheep, who have been touring together since 2008. Effortlessly erasing boundaries between the genres of Country, Pop, R&B and Acoustic Rock music Unmarked Highway is a journey about love & life, featuring rich vocal arrangements, poignant lyrics, and an underlying groove between the musicians. Miller & Cerulli are joined on the album by violinist Helen Hausmann, saxophonist Young Devereaux, and bassists Jaime Horrigan & Robin Elder.

1.1 Think About You
1.2 Landmarks of a Fool
1.3 Beyond Forever
1.4 Down to the Ground
1.5 Better with You
1.6 I Am Here
1.7 Let Him Run
1.8 At Any Time
1.9 Gettin Back to You
1.10 Possibilities

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