Mama's Cookin'

Mama's Cookin': Let the Record Ride

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mama's Cookin'

Title: Let the Record Ride
Label: CD Baby

Hittin The Note Magazine 10/05 The stew of Mama's Cookin' defies the band's Gunnison, Colorado origins. Mixing easy blues, ripe jazz, and given a swift stir of hip-hop style, the quartet brews an urban feel from the mountains with enough soul and swagger to change the preconceptions of a place known, more for bluegrass as for skiing. Teaming up in 2001, Zebuel Early (guitar, vocals), Todd Holway (keys, vocals), Steven Labella (bass) and Mike Adamo (drums) mashed up a variety of styles while immersed in Colorado's music scene. Since then, their velvety glide has coalesced, allowing the loose-lipped freestyle skills of Early to skim above a cushion of laid-back funk. Mama's Cookin''s debut release, Let the Record Ride, plays out as the title suggests: a spinning groove pierced only by the needle-sharp ability of each player. Wile tight, the band projects a carefree air to their seamless compositions. The title track is a metropolitan blues with a fuzzy texture, smoothly shifting from chord to chord, lazy yet fortified. 'Hollywood' is propped up with a space jazz cane and a side-cocked cap, wile 'Sweetness Leaves' bares emotions under a silky sheen. The track entitled 'Mr. Continental' features guitarist Brian Jordan from Karl Denson's Tiny Universe on guitar. For a group of mountain men, Mama's Cookin' defy their origins, brewing up something a little sweeter, a little easier, and little more polished with a well worn, urban rag.

1.1 The Call
1.2 Let the Record Ride
1.3 Just Cruise
1.4 Hollywood
1.5 Now Will Be Then
1.6 Spirit
1.7 Sweetness Leaves
1.8 The Mission
1.9 Get You Down
1.10 Moribayasa/ Dun Dun Ba
1.11 Funkani Intro
1.12 Funkani
1.13 Mr. Continental (Featuring Brian Jordan)

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