Man From Fiery Hill: Snow

Man From Fiery Hill: Snow
Title: Snow
Label: CD Baby

Brendan Kruse and Ben Walen with Charles Hasson on drums...REVIEWS: "There is a darkness, a natural tendency toward climactic sonic moments that make this sound a unique one." - Heidi Drockelman,"Kruse and Walen write tunes that are both catchy and profound." - T. Alexander, Pulse of the Twin Cities..."These guys are sweet...It's said that good poetry makes you feel like the top of your head lifts off; musicians who kick ass at their craft should at least be able to strip away the rest of you and double-dip you in a big vat of their mood. These guys do." - The Dread Reverend,"...emo-acoustic rock that often alters between slow, melodic venting and Live-like rage...Man from Fiery Hill is worth a listen." - Judd Handler,

1.1 Stuck Outside
1.2 Tie
1.3 Fallen Star
1.4 Dref
1.5 One Day, Three Thoughts
1.6 Two Suns Forgotten
1.7 Zoar
1.8 The Sasquatch
1.9 Learning to Dance
1.10 The Triangle
1.11 Tidy Wide Adventure
1.12 Silver Lady

Man From Fiery Hill: Snow

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