Man Man

Man Man: Six Demon Bag

$10.30 $11.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Man Man

Title: Six Demon Bag
Label: Ace Fu Records

Man Man's new album is filled with sweaty, sexy swamp boogie resting easily alongside no-wavey guitars, melancholy funeral dirges, French new wave soundscapes, and exiled river-bed gypsy jams.

1.1 Feathers
1.2 Engrish Bwudd
1.3 Banana Ghost
1.4 Young Einstein on the Beach
1.5 Skin Tension
1.6 Black Mission Goggles
1.7 Hot Bat
1.8 Push the Eagle's Stomach
1.9 Spider Cider
1.10 Van Helsing Boombox
1.11 Tunneling Through the Guy
1.12 Fishstick Gumbo
1.13 Ice Dogs

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