Man on Man

Man on Man: Man On Man (Chic White Vinyl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Man on Man

Title: Man On Man (Chic White Vinyl)
Label: Polyvinyl Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Chic White Vinyl. Man on Man (also M.O.M.) is a new gay lover band made up of Joey Holman (HOLMAN) and Roddy Bottum (Faith No More, Imperial Teen, CRICKETS, Nastie Band). Their upcoming self-titled record, Man on Man, is infused with indie-rock distortion and soaked in gay pop confidence while still maintaining the dry acerbic sense of humor they both share.Man on Man's music transcends both genre or decade, creating a timeless appeal for so many kinds of listening. The varied influences and textures of the record are a meditation on the myriad of emotions of lockdown, as well as this particular moment in their own lives, collectively and independently. The shoegaze whirlpools of "Stohner" transition into the square wave synths of "1983" with ease, while tracks like "It's So Fun (To Be Gay)" open us up to a new type of queer anthem for the 2020s.

1.1 Stohner
1.2 Daddy
1.3 It’s So Fun (To Be Gay)
1.4 Beach House
1.5 1983
1.6 Baby, You’re My Everything
1.7 Two at a Time
1.8 Lover
1.9 Please Be Friends
1.10 Kamikaze
1.11 It Floated

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