Mandrake: Featherweight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mandrake

Title: Featherweight
Label: CD Baby

Playing to audiences with technique and precision, a new style of accoustic prog indie folk punk rock is emerging. Mandrake is an intersting quartet made of a double bass, classical guitar, accoustic guitar, and percusion aka drums. Now mandrake begins it's path of making a name for themselves on the thriving scene of great music in the San Francisco bay area. Thick harmonies and intense song writing makes these musicians come up with very delicate and emotional textures that create a full lenght piece. Meeting in Colorado as graduates in college, they began writing music in a classical rock quartet style. Mandrake decided to take it to the next rung of the ladder and in 2003 all moved to Oakland to take on the challange of finding a drummer, and creating a novel. Spending the last 4 years, the intense fusion of styles amoung the band has finally taken some shape.

1.1 Endless Days
1.2 New Song
1.3 Stranger
1.4 Train
1.5 Ghost
1.6 Ghost 2 (Cont.)
1.7 Number Two
1.8 Mouse
1.9 Nothings for Always
1.10 Techno
1.11 Antler
1.12 After After All

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