Mandy Strobel

Mandy Strobel: Way I Feel

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Mandy Strobel

Title: Way I Feel
Label: CD Baby

Mandy Strobel, "The way I feel" It all started out as a vacation for relaxation or maybe we should say it was a holiday to familiarize ourselves with the southern states of the USA. Organized by the Country & Western Friends Kötz we visited Atlanta, Dollywood, Memphis, and Nashville. Maybe it should be called an activity vacation since it gave us a chance to see most all of everything that a true country fan would want to see, including the Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, where in the 1950's the first recordings of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were made by the founder of Sun Studios, Sam Phillips. Since this time country and pop music have been greatly influenced by these two performers. You can still make tours through the studio building and you will be reminded of the musical history. Recordings are still made there. One that did this was naturally Mandy Strobel. After he and his wife Elsy sent the other 18 members of the tour back home they returned to Tennessee for a few weeks and went back to Memphis to return to the Sun Studios. In his luggage were several songs from Ron Davis, whom he met at the country music fair in Berlin in 2005 and since then they are very good friends. Mandy Strobel said at the beginning that Ron's songs were just down his alley. With James Lott as technician Mandy Strobel recorded 11 songs with the feeling that he was able to do his kind of music there, where the great music legends started the "Big train from Memphis". Mandy sang in the same famous Sun Records microphone where he could relive the sound of the 50's. only one man, one voice and his acoustic guitar. The results may be defined as the last Sun sessions from Johnny Cash or as the last American Recordings in sense of the production from Rick Rubin. It was songs inhaled from the ghost of the "Man in Black" but presented by the singer Mandy as a direct representation such as has never been done before. Friedrich Hog, Radio free FM Vice president of Country & Western Friends, Kötz English Roald Davis.

1.1 Comin' Around
1.2 Just the Wife I Love
1.3 When Will the Peace in the Valley Ever Come
1.4 The Bow and the Arrow
1.5 Soldier's Wishes
1.6 I'm Meant for Tennessee
1.7 Another Man in Black
1.8 Goin' By the Book
1.9 Get on Your Knees and Pray
1.10 Halo Round the Moon
1.11 I Don't Wanna Have to Run
1.12 May the Lord Always Bless You
1.13 The Old Watch
1.14 Farside Banks of Jordan

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