Manfred Mann

Manfred Mann: Complete French EP's 1964-68 (Mini LP Sleeve)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Manfred Mann

Title: Complete French EP's 1964-68 (Mini LP Sleeve)
Label: Magic

French box-set compiles seven EPs released between 1964 - 1968 & includes a bonus EP with four tracks 'Mighty Quinn', 'By Request' (Edwin Garvey), 'My Name Is Jack'& 'There Is a Man'. Each disc (remastered in high definition 24-bit) is packaged in a miniature LP sleeve & housed together in a box. Magic Records. 2003.

1.1 Do Wah Diddy Diddy
1.2 Hubble Bubble
1.3 5 4 3 2 1
1.4 Without You
1.5 Sha la la
1.6 Don't Ask Me What I Say
1.7 Cook a Hoop
1.8 It's Gonna Work Out Fine
1.9 If You Gotta Go Go Now
1.10 Can't Believe It
1.11 The One in the Middle
1.12 John Hardy
1.13 Pretty Flamingo
1.14 There's No Living Without Your Loving
1.15 Hi Li Li Hi Lo
1.16 Oh No Not My Baby
1.17 Just Like a Woman
1.18 I Wanna Be Rich
1.19 Trouble and Tea
1.20 Let It Be Me
1.21 Semi Detached Suburban Mr James
1.22 Morning After the Party
1.23 Sperstitious Guy
1.24 Box Office Draw
1.25 Ha Ha I Said the Clown
1.26 Feeling So Good
1.27 Each and Every Day
1.28 All I Want to Do
1.29 Mighty Quinn (Bonus Track)
1.30 By Request (Edwin Garvey) (Bonus Track)
1.31 My Name Is Jack (Bonus Track)
1.32 There Is a Man (Bonus Track)

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