Mangadrive: Purge.The.Sky[Le]

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Artist: Mangadrive

Artist: Mangadrive
Title: Purge.The.Sky[Le]

Purge.The.Sky, the latest chapter in the Mangadrive saga, spirals into the atmosphere and beyond with hyper-paced Techno beats, over-distorted synth lines and the occasional ambush lurking the shadows. Stepping in with a ferocious bite, this album is tightly packed with over an hour of red lined energy and refuses to idle itself for very long. Appearences by James Church (Lucidstatic), Brad Vaccine (Torrent Vaccine) and the hard dance duo Studio-X allow the dynamic attitude of the project to be displayed. Breaking genres, crossing lines and keeping the gas to the floor are just a few of the playlist's intentions that are addressed to the listener on a trip through a future where machines dominate both music and man. Album produced by Mangadrive. Mastered by Chris Cozort (TROZOC). Released by Aphotic Audio / Crunch Pod / cyberninja. Digital.

1.1 Fearbomb
1.2 Reborn and Rewired
1.3 Like Lambs to Slaughter
1.4 Hyper Ultrasonic Transdimensional Power Beam
1.5 An Esper's Memory
1.6 Prime
1.7 Begging for Change (FT. Torrent Vaccine)
1.8 Fiends Approach
1.9 Blackcloudmachine
1.10 Death of Techno Stars
1.11 A Starlet Dies
1.12 We Created the Epidemic (FT. Lucidstatic)
1.13 NGC6302
1.14 Fearbomb (Be My Enemy RMX)

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