Mani Neumeier

Mani Neumeier: Talking Guru Drums

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Artist: Mani Neumeier

Artist: Mani Neumeier
Title: Talking Guru Drums
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited clear vinyl LP pressing in transparent vinyl jacket. Guru Guru drummer and one of the most influential percussionists of all time, Mani Neumeier, offers this eclectic album of explorations into psychedelic, world, and folk music! Composed entirely by Neumeier, the album features guest vocalists, field recordings, and background singing by a group of Maori people of New Zealand!

1.1 Time Drops
1.2 Jingle a
1.3 Maori Haka News
1.4 Shaman Dancer
1.5 Jingle B
1.6 Mori No Kaeru
1.7 Jingle C
1.8 Jingle D
1.9 Jingle Shiva-Bells

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