Maniacal 4

Maniacal 4: Carry on

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Artist: Maniacal 4

Artist: Maniacal 4
Title: Carry on

Maniacal 4 is an internationally acclaimed group of 'four great musicians telling one unified, inspiring musical story after another'. Hailed as 'a force to be reckoned with,' the trombone quartet has performed on three continents, entertaining audiences with a wide range of styles and time periods. Originating from Denton, Texas, the group is well versed in classical, jazz, latin and rock music, and is also at home playing with a rhythm section or other media. M4 performs it's concerts almost exclusively from memory, projecting a 'clear, unified, uplifting and committed musical vision on par with great CHAMBER ensembles.' With all four members early in their musical careers, 'M4 has the goods to become one of the finest trombone quartets performing today.' Maniacal 4 is sponsored by Buffet Group USA and performs exclusively on Antoine Courtois Paris trombones. Carry On is Maniacal 4's trombone quartet tribute to the classic rock legends of the 1970s. Replacing guitar solos with effects pedal-driven trombone distortion, and adding tight brass chords in lieu of vocal harmonies, Maniacal 4 recreates the classic rock standards with a unique and innovative energy. Joined by drummer/producer Stockton Helbing, bassist Brian Ward, guitarist Matt Hornbeck, and keyboardists Austin Byrd and Addison Frei, Maniacal 4 achieves an uncanny resemblance to the original studio takes of the masters. Through M4 member Carl Lundgren's clever arrangements, every drum fill and bass line is accounted for, compiled from studio and live recordings of Led Zeppelin, Toto, Queen, Kansas, Styx and Jefferson Starship. Following Maniacal 4's live performances of Bohemian Rhapsody and Carry On Wayward Son during classical recitals at major international trombone festivals, the quartet went viral on YouTube, reddit and, launching them into a new and exciting phase of their innovative quartet career.

1.1 Carry on Wayward Son
1.2 Rosanna
1.3 Bohemian Rhapsody
1.4 Jane
1.5 Renegade
1.6 Hold the Line
1.7 Kashmir
1.8 Lady

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