Mannish Boys

Mannish Boys: Shake for Me

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Artist: Mannish Boys

Artist: Mannish Boys
Title: Shake for Me

The Mannish Boys proudly present "Shake for Me," their fifth album release containing a rarefied collection of unearthed blues gems and classics with performances by a core trio of vocalists starring Bobby Jones, Finis Tasby and Johnny Dyer. Backed by a surprising and ever revolving unit of world class musicians this album also features an all-star cast that includes Kirk Fletcher, Frank Goldwasser, Kid Ramos, Nick Curran, Arthur Adams, Mike Zito, Rod Piazza, Mitch Kashmar, Lynwood Slim, Big Pete, Randy Chortkoff, Fred Kaplan, Andy Kaulkin, Rob Rio, Willie J. Campbell, Lou Castro and Jimi Bott. You won't find a larger gathering of blues royalty all in one place this year.

1.1 Too Tired
1.2 Mona/Willie and the Hand Jive
1.3 Reconsider Baby
1.4 Educated Ways
1.5 Half Ain't Been Told
1.6 Number 9 Train
1.7 Last Night
1.8 Hey Now
1.9 You Can't Be Beat
1.10 Black Nights
1.11 The Bullet
1.12 Those Worries
1.13 Raunchy
1.14 Champagne ; Reefer
1.15 You've Got Bad Intentions
1.16 Way Down South

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