Many Birthdays: Sub Rapid Express

Many Birthdays: Sub Rapid Express
Title: Sub Rapid Express
Label: CD Baby

Many Birthdays are from Austin, Texas, USA. 'Sub Rapid Express' is their 3rd limited edition self-release. It was partially written and recorded in Nara, Japan, near Osaka. It is hand-folded and features an original collage insert, a black cat sticker and an illustrated jungle design on the disc. Please visit for info, videos and more.

1.1 Coffee
1.2 150th Dream
1.3 Spirit No. 9
1.4 The Story of Inazuma
1.5 Aya
1.6 Asuka
1.7 Birdsongmix
1.8 Seikatsu Electro
1.9 Floating Garden
1.10 Late Night in Yagi
1.11 Iwaisuru
1.12 Wordbeat
1.13 Pinkhouse

Many Birthdays: Sub Rapid Express

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