Manzy Lowry Band: Muddy Waters

Manzy Lowry Band: Muddy Waters
Title: Muddy Waters
Label: CD Baby

Making his way in the footsteps of those that came before him in the music scene, singer/songwriter Manzy Lowry carries on in outlaw tradition, country soul, and Texas pride as simply heard in his music. The Ballinger, Texas born songster grew up learning music from his grandmother that would follow him up till his days in college. Inspired and influenced by Jason Boland, Roger Alan Wade, and Zach Huckabee, Lowry picked up a guitar, learned a few chords and began to create music in the style of those he followed. It was soon after he heard the songs of Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt that he went on to create the kind of songs that could tell a story. From the first or second listen, Manzy's music will paint pictures in your mind of a particular place in time, or just make you wish you were standing under the sun, lost somewhere in the Southwest. Muddy Waters is a perfect example of Lowry's songwriting and his band's skill at taking the lead or laying back. Whether it's a rocking shuffle or a soft ballad, take time to listen to every word. It will guide you on a spiritual journey.

1.1 First Degree
1.2 What Happens in the End
1.3 Open Road
1.4 Blind Rattlesnake
1.5 Muddy Waters
1.6 Age
1.7 Dragonfly
1.8 Caroline Lee
1.9 Russian Roulette
1.10 Lasting Impressions

Manzy Lowry Band: Muddy Waters

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