Marc André: Backstage Pass

Marc André: Backstage Pass
Title: Backstage Pass
Label: CD Baby

Marc Andre's "Backstage Pass" delivers a creative and eclectic blend of piano, guitars, electronics, thick harmonies, and insightful lyrics. Marc's style has evolved exponentially over the years. Throughout high school and college, he produced several hip-hop albums and as time went on, 'rhymes' soon became melodies, drum machines and loops were replaced with heavier live instrumentation and eventually, a new more rock rooted sound emerged. His most recent CD, 'Backstage Pass,' was co-produced by Nashville native Dave Bechtel (Ascend Productions) and was released in November of 2004. Some of Marc's musical influences include Coldplay, RadioHead, Keane, Muse, among others. A number of Nashville studio players comprise the band of 'Backstage Pass,' including Mark Baldwin (guitar), Jerry McPherson (guitar), Craig Nelson (bass), Steve Brewster (drums), and the Nashville String Machine. Much of "Backstage Pass" was recorded at Dark Horse Recording in Nashville, TN and was engineered by Nashville-based veteran Doug Sarett. Marc is currently working on a new project, set to release in 2011. "Marc Andre and his band are energetic and passionate about their music and subject matter. Memorial Chapel at King College exploded with energy and gospel vision during their concert on campus last fall. Students, and even a few faculty, were thrilled with the bands musical skills and their ability to communicate the good news in fresh and provocative terms." Errol G Rohr Chaplain, King College, Bristol, TN 'For all you purists who believe that a musician should stick to a single genre, I have just two words, Marc Andre. With his sophomore project, 'Backstage Pass,' Andre effectively showcases his proficiency in emo, hip hop, and indie-fied prog rock. Deep, emotional songs like 'Hurricane' employ rich swelling strings, while more upbeat tunes such as 'Making of a Rock Star,' draws on Andre's hip hop roots. Whether you feel like laughing or crying, mourning or dancing, chances are there's a song on 'Backstage Pass' to fit your mood.' Mary Parker Grassroots

1.1 Intro
1.2 Pull Through
1.3 Supposed to Be
1.4 Hurricane
1.5 After Everything
1.6 Making of a Rock Star
1.7 Fooled
1.8 A Thousand Gods
1.9 By Now
1.10 Ladder
1.11 Backstage Pass

Marc André: Backstage Pass

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