Marc Dorsa: Primal Path

Marc Dorsa: Primal Path
Title: Primal Path
Label: CD Baby

Though it is wordless, Primal Path speaks of healing old wounds, of facing the Dark Self and emerging wiser and stronger. This is not a head-in-the-clouds New Age plateau; this is the voice of raw spirit, as old as the earth itself. Moon chants in a tongue that sounds Native American, but is in fact the nameless language of deep cosmic trance. His glossolalia expresses what words cannot, stoking the fires of the soul- and when the heat threatens to scorch, Dorsa's melodies cool and soothe, gently breathing ancient wisdom into our ears and reminding each of us of our own place on the Path. - Damon Orion, Music Editor, Good Times, Santa Cruz CA About this album: Primal Path tells of a journey of healing. It begins with the pain and fear of our wounds. Finding the courage to open those wounds, then seeking counsel and guidance, the journey enters into the Underworld (a magnificent place within the Unconscious). Within the Underworld lies opportunity to walk the Path, meet the Old Man and sit with the Soul in it's temple. Deciding to heal and to change we die to our pain and to our past. Through the peace of the night, gathering the strength to come Home, we are different, changed, and we receive the Naming. About the composer: Marc Dorsa is a part-time guitarist and composer and full-time software developer. Having studied with guitar greats Alex de Grassi and the late Robbie Basho, Marc released his first CD in 2003, Twilight's Path, which is a collection of original pieces for solo Sympitar and 14-string guitar. Marc and Moon met in the year 2000 and started their friendship based upon a shared love of music and spirituality. Primal Path emerged out of this friendship/collaboration and is an expression of Marc's spiritual traditions and experiences blended with Moon's unique Medicine ways. Marc currently is founding his passion for composing music that speaks of healing, hope and possibility, and he lives with his partner and classical pianist Christa Terra in California.

1.1 Telling
1.2 Wounds
1.3 Opening
1.4 Counsel of the Elders
1.5 Guardian of the Gate
1.6 Enter the Underworld
1.7 Path
1.8 Old Man
1.9 Temple of the Soul
1.10 Decision
1.11 Death
1.12 Moon Night
1.13 Coming Home
1.14 Naming

Marc Dorsa: Primal Path

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