Marc Halbheer La Edition

Marc Halbheer La Edition: Mood Swings

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Artist: Marc Halbheer La Edition
Title: Mood Swings

This album became to have a very special meaning! Stacy Rowles, the legendary Jazz Trumpetist and daughter of pianist Jimmy Rowles, passed away during the first week in November 2009. This is exactly the time when the Album Mood Swings got released! We dedicate this recording to our great friend and wonderfull musician STACY ROWLES. We will miss her and keep her in our memories and our hearts! The Musicians on this record are Frank Strazzeri, David Angel, Joel Hamilton, Chris Connor and Marc Halbheer. Some of them knew Stacy all her life! On this record you can hear the real spirit of the swinging Jazz-Musician. In Memory of Stacy Rowles.

1.1 Mood Swings
1.2 Johnny Come Lately
1.3 The Alpine Toad
1.4 In a Moonlite Night
1.5 Relaxin
1.6 Moonrays
1.7 Bohemia After Dark
1.8 Loverman
1.9 Boogie on Blues
1.10 Powell's Prances
1.11 Nao Tem Problema

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