Marc Nader

Marc Nader: In the Confines of Your Head

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Artist: Marc Nader

Artist: Marc Nader
Title: In the Confines of Your Head

I've been playing the guitar and bass since the mid 60's. In the eighties,I started composing jingles. Unfortunately (or fortunately should I say ... ?), as a commercial photographer for the past 30 years, I haven't been really able to find time to record an album of my own, until now. So, with the help of long time friend and lyrics writer Claude Salhani, it finally came together... My musical influences span over decades and are rather eclectic, from Dean Martin, the Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson, Elvis, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, to the Stones, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Eagles, and ... tons of other fabulous artists.

1.1 Wasted at the Bar
1.2 She's Got You on Her Hook
1.3 Bahia Samba
1.4 She's Not for You
1.5 Angelina
1.6 Carnal Desire
1.7 In the Smoke Filled Room
1.8 In the Night
1.9 In the Confines of Your Head

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