Marc Norgaard: Tolerance

Marc Norgaard: Tolerance
Title: Tolerance
Label: CD Baby

Drumming wizard Marc Norgaard delivers an album of all-original instrumental tracks demonstrating his uncanny ability to weave styles and find new directions in music. Supported by two of the top guitarists in the world for the genre, Brett Garsed (Planet X, Virgil Donati), and Frank Gambale (Chick Corea Elektric Band), along with pianist Steve Hunt (Allan Holdsworth), and bass phenomenon Dave DeMarco, Marc takes a creative new musical direction that will delight fans of Progressive Rock as well as Jazz Fusion. National Guitar Workshop star Tobias Hurwitz makes a guest appearance. Marc's drumming on this CD ranges from subtle, sensitive jazz moves on the riveted ride cymbal all the way to heavy-hitting double-kick patterns. He moves through odd-time signatures with ease, keeping the tracks exciting with innovative drum fills that ooze with spontaneity and style, allowing his compositions to shine. Garsed's lyrical and melodic lead playing is highlighted against the tight, explorative rhythms produced by Norgaard and DeMarco. Fusion legends Hunt and Gambale are featured more prominently on the lighter tunes, rounding out the album with solos both beautiful and chop-blazing. Norgaard's own solo's are brief and tasteful with an astonishing display of technical prowess, mastery of odd-time signatures, and the double-kick drums; all with a freedom normally only heard from avant-garde jazz players. A veritable schooling in technique from these fine musicians will satisfy even the stoutest of instrumental music fans. If you are looking for new musical avenues, this CD belongs in your cart!

1.1 Tolerance
1.2 Goes to Reason
1.3 Day in the Desert
1.4 Last Leg Home
1.5 Papaya Dream
1.6 Summer Storm
1.7 Seventh Mile Fog
1.8 Pirate Sized Hangover
1.9 Retrospective

Marc Norgaard: Tolerance

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