Marc Staggers

Marc Staggers: Dream Catcher

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marc Staggers

Title: Dream Catcher
Label: Expansion Records

Mark Staggers in Washington DC singer with the gospel in the background, in the debut album of self-produced "THEN & NOW" in 2010, around the world in it's voice and overwhelming singing ability that was very similar to too Luther Vandross I was surprised of the listener. Then, the contract with the prestigious label EXPANSION of the United Kingdom, in 2011 and released a second album "KEY TO MY HEART" to. Then through the years of the three-year latest was released from previous work as well the British EXPANSION label is here! To back the good with the urban contemporary sound that of EXPANSION, dreamy stepper "Come On Baby", melody you welling and arrangements reminiscent of the soul music of the 60's and pleasant "Be My Girl", original songs finish also but still great, and whopping of 1986 of Luther Vandross album saying "GIVE ME THE REASON" proudly cover has been classic the "So Amazing" recorded in will those fans tears of gratitude! Soul of Luther Vandross has now also lives in this man!

1.1 Bring Me Back
1.2 It's All About You
1.3 Come on Baby
1.4 Partner for Life
1.5 Be My Girl
1.6 So Amazing
1.7 Tell Me
1.8 Fun
1.9 I Like the Way
1.10 I Wanna Spend My Life with You

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