March to Victory

March to Victory: Frostburg 666

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Title: Frostburg 666
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Over the past 10 years Lancaster PA's March To Victory has proven themselves to be a band willing to do what it takes. They've worked hard to get their name out as a talented and dedicated black/death metal band, playing any show offered, with big names (like Otep, M.O.D., Mortician, Lizzy Borden, and Vital Remains etc...) and no names alike. They have self-released a demo (Victory Death March 2004) and 2 EPs (Black Clouds 2005 and Return to Valkenburg 2009) and come February 22, 2011 they'll make their full-length debut. This album shows them at their best, the fruition of the past decade of hard work. It gives old fans the aggressive thrashing riffs and soaring solos and dual guitar harmonies that they have come to expect while continuing to grow and expand. It also shows them extending their lyrical content beyond the typical black metal blasphemies and Viking stories and into the current political and social scene. Stories of drug abuse, warfare and political corruption and March To Victory's unique but accessible take on black/death metal give this album a depth that many underground bands fall short on. For more information and updates be sure to check into

1.1 Enslave
1.2 Frostburg 666
1.3 The Ghost
1.4 Skinful
1.5 Funeral Blizzard Beast
1.6 Luciferian Moonrise
1.7 Song of the Siren
1.8 Demon Damage

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