Marcia Louis

Marcia Louis: I'm Goin' to Kindergarten

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Artist: Marcia Louis

Artist: Marcia Louis
Title: I'm Goin' to Kindergarten

Marcia Louis has done it again! ' I'm Goin' to Kindergarten' is a catchy, singable celebration of one of childhood's greatest goals! Although it's Children's Music, the music is anything but childish. There are sophisticated harmonies, intricate rhythms and some blistering guitar playing. Many of Marcia's preschools have been using the title song for their Graduation Ceremonies for years - it's sure to become a classic! And nobody has ever rocked 'Peanut Butter and Jelly' like Marcia. There are interactive songs, stories and games that will keep your child enthralled, and get the whole family singing. The CD also features one of Marcia's most frequently requested stories, 'The True Story of the Three Little Fishies'. So grab your drums, tambourines, shakers, and a bag of fish-shaped crackers and get ready to have a rollicking good time, 'Goin' to Kindergarten' with Marcia Louis.

1.1 I'm Goin' to Kindergarten
1.2 This Old Man
1.3 Peanut Butter and Jelly
1.4 Tootie Ta
1.5 ABC Blues
1.6 Goin' to Kentucky
1.7 Head and Shoulders 1-2-3
1.8 The Pizza Hut Song
1.9 Mama's Making Gumbo
1.10 Patsy-Ori-Ori-Aye
1.11 Bubblegum Blues
1.12 The the True Story of the Three Little Fishies
1.13 Three Little Fishies

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