Marcie Brown

Marcie Brown: Reflections Over Brandy

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Artist: Marcie Brown

Artist: Marcie Brown
Title: Reflections Over Brandy

Marcie Brown is a cellist that has some depth. She has performed with street musicians upon the dingy grey pavements of New York City. She has performed beside well-trained conservatory musicians in well-lit and well attended symphonic halls. She has mingled with musicians from Brazil, India, Trinidad, Jamaica, Guatemala, Africa and Italian gypsies. She has performed with Lucianno Pavoratti, Andreas Bocelli, Dizzy Gillespie, Itzak Perlman and Ray Charles. She has been a member of the Cirque du Soleil. The music that she brings to us is a combination of all of these experiences: broad, deep, rich and soulful. Joining Ms. Brown on her new CD 'Reflections over Brandy', is Jon Evans on bass, Alan Hall on drums, Stephen Albini on accordion, Stephen LaPorta on percussion, John Patrick Douglas on reeds, and a host of other amazing Bay Area musicians that all add to the magic of the CD.

1.1 Lively
1.2 News Flash
1.3 Brhumba (Baroque + Rhumba = Brhumba)
1.4 Reflections Over Brandy
1.5 Ode to Otis
1.6 Autumn in Michigan
1.7 Music of Changes
1.8 Autumn Dream
1.9 Portuguese Hall Waltz
1.10 Where You Are
1.11 I Just Can't Get There with You
1.12 Calaveras Suite

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