Marcie Castro

Marcie Castro: Inside My Heart

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Artist: Marcie Castro

Artist: Marcie Castro
Title: Inside My Heart

Inside My Heart is Marcie Castro's second CD. The songs were recorded live in her favorite studio, The Bakery, in Los Angeles. Along with her producer and sound engineer, Andy Waterman she has created a truly intimate self portrait. Here the piano and voice are one. The selections of ballads and swing arrangements all make up an impressive representation of her true artistry at the piano. Over her close harmonies and sensitive touch, her voice floats above with ease always revealing her passions, whimsical nature and moments of deep emotions. Although Marcie is known as an international artist and composer comfortable singing in numerous languages, here she has chosen the great American songs with the exception of Dindi which is a ballad composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Her Portuguese is sensuous and serene. Her flair for cabaret and acting out a song is best heard in, 'Pick Yourself Up' written by Jerome Kern and originally sung made by Fred Astaire.'The Wind Beneath My Wings' is her own rendition that is equally as touching as Bette Midler's if not more, as she is able to soar with her voice and piano together in pure synchronicity.

1.1 The Nearness of You
1.2 I'm Beginning to See the Light
1.3 They Say It's Wonderful/My Romance
1.4 Dindi
1.5 Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
1.6 Fever
1.7 Close to You
1.8 The Wind Beneath My Wings
1.9 Pick Yourself Up
1.10 How Do You Keep the Music Playing
1.11 Blue Skies/Lullaby of Birdland
1.12 What I Did for Love
1.13 I'll Be Seeing You

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