Marco Frucht Capelli

Marco Frucht Capelli: Chiapaneca

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Title: Chiapaneca
Label: CD Baby

KONETIUK - NAMMY Nominated poet/songwriter/producer Marco Capelli Frucht has played 40 states and two Provinces including AZ, Colo., NM, Ont., the Carolinas, Dakotas & of course closer to home in CT/NY/RI. This hunter/gatherer likes classical & folk mostly, but also digs on punk, pop & parody music. Used to play bass in a 3-piece Christian Metal band called Peace On Earth (POE) so the occasional weird influence you'll hear is probably just loose eardrums. 'If you think the music you hear here is eclectic, you should hear what I do when I'm playing out in the streets!' he once told someone in a mezzanine where he was playing classical guitar before nine showings of Phantom Of The Opera's Bus & Truck group. What he didn't know at the time was he was telling this to Sarah Brightman's Broadway understudy. She went on to lead both Broadway and touring productions. Marco currently plays full time in the summer at an amusement park, and hibernates every fall, winter and spring. The song 'Frybread' (Track 2; 2:39) has been nominated for a NAMMY (Native American Music Award) and is prenominated for an ISMA (Indian Summer Music Award). Marco and his career are nominated for a Whalie Award (New London, Konetiuk's local mini grammys) in the Best Solo Singer/Songwriter category. Shouts and Gr33tz to Snark Tuners, Zinky amps and the only new guitar purchases anymore are Navatone and Godin. Also, I wish to shout out the members of Sledge Grits Band, Keiko, Ella, Mimi and Bo-Pah!

1.1 Chiapaneca - Marco Capelli Frucht
1.2 Frybread - Marco Capelli Frucht

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