Marco Rocca

Marco Rocca: Hopeless in the Haze

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Artist: Marco Rocca

Artist: Marco Rocca
Title: Hopeless in the Haze

Produced, performed, engineered and mixed by Marco Rocca. All songs recorded at Grindstone Studios. Drums recorded at Les Ley Studio, Moncton NB. Most material recorded between 2007 and 2009.

1.1 The Great Pretend
1.2 Run for Your Life
1.3 Familiar Face
1.4 Can't Find the Time
1.5 They Wanna Get Paid
1.6 Smile ; Pretend
1.7 Speed of Light
1.8 My Heart, My Decision
1.9 I Need a Way
1.10 You Were the Sun
1.11 Windy Driver
1.12 Stick It to the Man
1.13 Great Expense

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