Marco Shuttle

Marco Shuttle: The Moon Chant

$12.02 $13.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Marco Shuttle

Title: The Moon Chant
Label: The Bunker New York
Product Type: VINYL LP

Marco Shuttle first caught The Bunker's ear many years ago upon discovering his music the old fashioned way, picking up his Clone Store Only series in Brooklyn. These mysterious records led to becoming obsessed with his incredible, self-released podcasts. The Bunker is psyched to present The Moon Chant EP: intricate and detailed jams for enjoyment in foggy dance floor corners. These tracks all have that unmistakable Marco Shuttle vibe with plenty of deliberate, slightly twisting melodies, shadowy disembodied echoing vocals that let your brain fill in the meaning, underpinned with punches of tautly layered rhythms.

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