Marcus D

Marcus D: Melancholy Hopeful

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Artist: Marcus D

Artist: Marcus D
Title: Melancholy Hopeful

Picture sitting, polishing your favorite pair of leather shoes, looping your bow tie and slipping on your tuxedo jacket. Picture a night out on the town with the girl you've been trying to impress for weeks. The horns detail every emotion. The snare captures each step. You are ready. The sounds of an album, a playlist to your existence. Something more than just music, but an extension of feeling. May I present the soundtrack to your day and nightcap for your evening. The essence of your dreams and everything in between. Neo Jazz, the industrial symphony. A cacophony of horns, string and snares. Fan brushes and kicks. Trumpet muzzles crooning the sounds that explain words without uttering a single adjective. The classic sound in a new package and an unapologetic movement to the refined noise that is Jazz. Marcus D introduces his new album. Marcus D is Melancholy Hopeful.

1.1 Don't Hold Ya Breath
1.2 Third Person
1.3 Melancholy Hopeful
1.4 Fly
1.5 Titania
1.6 All Around the World
1.7 Kindred Spirit
1.8 One People
1.9 Continuous Dream
1.10 Nocturne of Love
1.11 Street's Lament
1.12 Misanthropy
1.13 Universal Language
1.14 Distant Worlds
1.15 Inasense
1.16 Night on the Town
1.17 Pain and Possibility

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