Marek Jakubowski Trio

Marek Jakubowski Trio: My Own

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Title: My Own
Label: CD Baby

Marek Jakubowski speaks very personal about his album 'My Own ...': 'My Own is fresh and prime in every way. For many years, somewhere under the skin, I felt that I need to accomplish something completly with my own music. But because of everyday reality I had to postponed my plans. Many things changed with the sudden death of my father. He was always supported me, but did not manage to meet in full the musical side of my life. This CD is honest and flows from my classical and jazz experience. My Own is dedicated to my dad. Of course, the music wouldn't sound like this if there were not two great musicians with me - Max and Adam. ' Marek Jakubowski Trio are: Marek Jakubowski (drums) - born in 1980. In 1988 he began playing the drums in the PSM in Kolo, Poland, his further education is the ZSM in Bydgoszcz and Academy of Music in Poznan (where he is lecturer now). Trained as a classical percussionist, but jazz music followed him from the beginning. It is not surprising therefore that the artistic work has always been stylistically diverse - Opera and Poznan Philharmonic, Theatre of A. Fredro in Gniezno, Bogdan Holownia Trio, Kattorna Quinted, Malta Band Festival 2010, Rysiek Bazarnik musical projects and much, much more. Adam Bieranowski (piano) - pianist, composer, arranger, born in 1993. From early years of his musical way he was interested in jazz: 'Improvised music was always important for me. It doesn't make sense for me duplicating many versions of the same interpretation. ' After 9 years of learning to play the piano at the Faculty of classical music he started to learn in the class of renowned master jazz keyboard Peter Kaluzny in Accademy of Music in Poznan. Jazz become his passion and he began to create his own music. Piotr Max Wisniewski (bass) - graduate of the Academy of Music in Poznan, session musician, collaborated with Hanna Banaszak, Anna Szarmach, Iwona Loranc, Kabareciarnia Zenona Laskowika, New Theatre in Poznan and the Polish Theatre in Szczecin. He has recorded number of CD's and television programs and participated in many jazz festiwals (e.g. Poznan Jazz Fair, Jazz Jamboree).

1.1 Happy Go Lucky
1.2 Interludium, Pt. 1
1.3 My Polish Heart
1.4 Seven Elfs
1.5 At the End
1.6 Interludium, Pt. 2
1.7 Just Wait
1.8 My Own
1.9 Yellow Dots
1.10 Interludium, Pt. 3
1.11 Looking for

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