Margaret Jessop

Margaret Jessop: Gift from Him

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Artist: Margaret Jessop

Artist: Margaret Jessop
Title: Gift from Him

"For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me." D&C 25:12 'I feel that the harp is capable of some of the most heavenly tones on earth, and music has always had the ability to convey the feelings of the heart that defy the power of the English language to express. My journey with the harp has been filled with many faith promoting experiences that have given me a great desire to play the music I hold sacred and dear. It has led me to a greater understanding of the power and love of our Heavenly Father, and the importance of using our gifts to bless others. "Love isn't love until you give it away," and neither is music. These recordings are done only with the desire that the Lord will be given the honor and the glory. I hope that all who listen will be encouraged and uplifted as I share "A Gift from Him." I would like to thank many people who have encouraged and helped me in my pursuit of the harp, including my teacher Lisa Coffey and my Loving family, but there is one person to whom I cannot express my gratitude father. Most of these arrangements have been done upon his request and my love for him is one of those things that are hard to find words to express. "To My Father" was written for him on his birthday. My father was born just four days after Joseph Smith's birthday and shares his name. The Song "The Unknown Grave" has always been special to him. It was written by Joseph's youngest son, David Hyrum, who was born four and a half months after the Martyrdom. David grew up hearing of his father's resting place as "The unknown grave" in an effort to keep it's location safe. Also among my father's favorites is "Nephite Lamentation." I found this history of it's origin in the Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine dated July 1922. It is as follows: The Melody of the "Nephite Lamentation" was given to Thomas Durham, of Parowan, Utah, in a dream. A promise had been made to Thomas Durham that he should be visited by heavenly beings. In fulfillment of the promise, a young man, who was said to be one of the twenty-four Nephites surviving the last great battle between the Nephites and Lamanites at the Hill Cumorah, came to his room and played this melody on a brass horn. Apparently for the purpose of impressing the tune upon Brother Durham's memory, it was repeated three times. In it's rendition it seems that the high note in the second strain of the melody was beyond the range of the instrument but by the expression on the face of the young Nephite it was apparent that he was trying to reach a higher note. Brother Durham, being a musician, readily replaced the missing note to complete the melody. The rendition so impressed him that he was awakened and immediately arose and wrote the music of the tune to preserve it. "His Loving Sacrifice" was written in contemplation of the tremendous sacrifices that have been made for us and the great responsibility we have to truly live as we have been taught. "Where much is given much is expected." These hymns are all special in their own way and are only a few among many that hold deep meaning for me. Sharing my music is sharing my heart and that is not always easy. There are times when I want to hold back until it is perfect but then I realize my goal of perfection will always be increasing. In those times of discouragement I remember my father's words. "I would much rather hear a song from the heart full of mistakes than a perfect rendition full of pride." So to all who listen, I hope you will enjoy these hymns from the heart.

1.1 A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief
1.2 Love at Home
1.3 'Mid Pleasures and Palaces
1.4 Farewell, All Earthly Honors
1.5 Sweet Hour of Prayer
1.6 We Thank Thee, Oh God, for a Prophet
1.7 The Unknown Grave
1.8 To My Father
1.9 Master, the Tempest Is Raging
1.10 Nephite Lamentation
1.11 If You Could Hie to Kolob
1.12 His Loving Sacrifice

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