Margo B. Smith: Sending Up a Prayer

Margo B. Smith: Sending Up a Prayer
Title: Sending Up a Prayer
Label: CD Baby

SENDING UP A PRAYER is Margo B. Smith's second inspirational release. All of the songs on the CD are written and sung by Margo. There are soothing and upbeat styles. In this Contemporary Christian CD you will hear songs of praise, thanksgiving and topics that include God's will, compassion and trust. The list below provides an idea of what each song is about and it's musical style. Please visit Margo's website for lyrics and more information. 1-IF WE CHOOSE TO LOVE- We are to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind, and we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our neighbor is anyone we can help and anyone God places in our life. We can never go wrong if we choose to love. Our loving actions will help to make this world a better place for all.(easy listening) 2-YOUR LOVE WILL NEVER END- We were created by God because He loves us and desires for us to spend eternity in a loving relationship with Him. The things of this earth pass away, but the Lord's love remains perfect and permanent. He is faithful. (easy listening) (a prayer) 3-YOU REMIND ME OF JESUS- Jesus is the perfect example of kindness, gentleness and compassion. Through the loving actions of those around us, we are reminded of the goodness of Jesus. (upbeat easy listening) 4-SPENDING TIME ADORING YOU- An expression of love for the Lord and the desire to spend time adoring Him. (reflective easy listening) (a prayer) 5-SENDING UP A PRAYER- Trials and crosses are a part of life. Our sufferings give us the opportunity to draw near to the Lord in prayer and help to deepen our trust in His loving care for us. (easy listening) (the chorus is a prayer) 6-YOUR WILL, LORD- God's will is the perfect way. Being in union with God's will brings peace to one's life. (pop/light rock) (a prayer) 7-ALLELUIA- A song of praise and love to the Lord. (easy listening with an upbeat chorus) (a prayer) 8-I'LL STAY NEAR- A song of consolation to a friend who is experiencing difficulties in life. (slow easy listening) 9-WITH LIVING WATER- Jesus offers us living water. This song was inspired from John 4:4-15. (light jazz/pop) (a prayer) 10-LORD, HEAR MY PRAYER- As Christians we are to pray for each other and trust in God's mercy to answer our prayers. (slow easy listening) (a prayer) 11-PRECIOUS UNBORN CHILD- A reflection on the beautiful gift of life of the baby in the womb. (easy listening) 12-COME, HOLY SPIRIT- The Holy Spirit helps us to pray. This song is inspired from Romans 8:26. (acoustic easy listening) (a prayer) Lyrics to my songs can be found at my Website on my SONGS page.

1.1 If We Choose to Love
1.2 Your Love Will Never End
1.3 You Remind Me of Jesus
1.4 Spending Time Adoring You
1.5 Sending Up a Prayer
1.6 Your Will, Lord
1.7 Alleluia
1.8 I'll Stay Near
1.9 With Living Water
1.10 Lord, Hear My Prayer
1.11 Precious Unborn Child
1.12 Come, Holy Spirit

Margo B. Smith: Sending Up a Prayer

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