Maria: DB2

Maria: DB2
Title: DB2
Label: CD Baby

[Db2~Dangerous Breed 2~] Head banging beats, Storming performance! It's Dangerous, fresh Hip hop. 'Db2 (Dangerous Breed 2)', is the 2nd chapter of Maria's 3-album series, which she accomplished to release within 1 year. The titles are 'Dangerous Breed', 'db2' and 'The Breed'. You can enjoy the series because of it's individual concepts of sound that keep it fresh, but have inside jokes and common attitudes, which makes them sequels. [Profile] 'Maria', the No.1 female rapper of Japan. She is an Asian/European mix who grew up in the U.S.(NJ). She's a unique and global artist of Hiphop and Dancehall/Reggae, who flows freely from English to Japanese and back. Since 2002, has released 12 records, with albums up the charts every time, and had a number 1 single. As an international existence who constantly creates 'Now', she will blow up the world's Dance floors.

1.1 Burn Da House Down
1.2 Ping Ting
1.3 Junkie in the Jungle
1.4 Singing B
1.5 Mommy's Money
1.6 One Man Woman
1.7 B.D.H.D
1.8 Sorry Ass

Maria: DB2

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