Mariami: Mariami

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Artist: Mariami

Title: Mariami
Label: CD Baby

Compelled to put her nation on the map, this fiery Georgian-born native packs a powerful message in her music, and if you're smart, you'll listen. In her elegant fusion of R&B, Soul and deeply rooted Georgian influences, Mariami possesses an unrefined and raw quality that is beginning to fade in contemporary songwriting. Her approach to music is distinctive and unique, yet her sound resonates on a universal level. Her self-titled debut album exposes a level of maturity that takes years of mastery, but Mariami is steps ahead of the game with her inventive hooks, bass-bumping beats and sexy grooves. Her keen attention to lyrical detail and melody is sophisticated, yet her compositions are simple and inspiring. With an undying passion for writing and playing music, the talent is undeniable. With a rich line-up of musicians, Mariami and her band revive the concept of 'fresh' and 'soul' in ways that are no longer resonant in commercial music today. Their show is charged with passion, urban edge, and unmistakable talent. Their dynamic energy has audiences feeling inspired, lifted and sexy. Brimming with raw ambition and emerging fresh out of college onto the professional music scene, Mariami has already rocked audiences everywhere from Boston's Middle East to New York City's famous Bitter End in the village. Her mature live act spins a modern twist on rhythm and blues music. Audiences are captivated by her stage presence, sexiness and entertaining charm. The music is conveyed with an effortless virtue, with a sound that just simply speaks for itself. It doesn't get any more righteous than that...

1.1 Patara Gogo
1.2 Mother of Mine
1.3 On Your Way Down
1.4 Let Go
1.5 The Stars
1.6 Interlude Part in 2
1.7 To Say
1.8 Weather Man
1.9 The Way - Mariami Feat. George Watsky
1.10 Only Love
1.11 Waking Hour (Feat. George Watsky)
1.12 So Be Light

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