Marie Barnett

Marie Barnett: Air I Breathe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Marie Barnett

Title: Air I Breathe
Label: CD Baby

Pacific Arts Group Marie Barnett The vision of The Air I Breathe is to draw people into an honest expression of worship, encouraging them to love and worship in 'spirit and truth'. Marie's sincere lyrics reveal that the dark and desperate state of our human condition has been overcome by the great mercy and love that God has provided. Review Probably best known for being the worship leader who wrote the astounding "Breathe" for Vineyard Worship several years ago, Marie Barnett (wife of worship leader John Barnett) releases her first CD of original songs, and the result is as impressive as you'd expect. Barnett is an accomplished songwriter and vocalist, weaving introspective lyrics with worshipful strains of adoration into a remarkably mature first effort. Songs range from outright worship (Breathe, Heaven's Near) to scriptural songs (Fall On Your Mercy, This Time) to intensely personal songs about the passing of her own father (Luckiest Girl) and they all feel at home together on this disc. Barnett's songs reveal the heart of one who dearly loves God and yearns to seek His face. Lyrics like "You let me sing in pastel colors/ You let bare feet run/ I want you to take me to/ A place that's far from here/ And Heaven's near/ I hear the song of ancient voices/ I want to hold your hand/ That's why I will wash again/ In love's red rain/ So I can feel Heaven near/ Light, hope/ You are coming again/ You make all things new/ And I can hear you whisper/ Softly in my ear/ Heaven's near..." (from "Heaven's Near") convey a strong sense of this worshippers heart. Barnett's voice and phrasing on these songs is quite compelling and emotional, providing the disc more intimate and private moments than what one would expect from a first effort. With sparse acoustic and piano phrasing, delightfully understated production and uncommonly poetic lyrics, Marie Barnett manages to release a debut CD that hits all the high marks and leaves the listener hungry for her next set of songs. Review by Keith Giles.

1.1 Heaven's Near
1.2 Fall on Your Mercy
1.3 Breathe
1.4 Wall of the World
1.5 Without You
1.6 Oh My Strength
1.7 Vow
1.8 This Time
1.9 Lament
1.10 Luckiest Girl
1.11 Fields of Forever

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