Marie-Catherine Girod: Regards de femmes

Marie-Catherine Girod: Regards de femmes
Title: Regards de femmes
Label: Mirare

Was the golden age of the piano that of a defeat for female composers? If they occupied an important place in ancient and baroque music, the bourgeois society which emerged from the Enlightenment limited their access to the conservatory and to the quarry. Marie-Catherine Girod explores this key moment, and reveals to us the talent of the resistance fighters of the classical and romantic periods, and of the first modernism. Both names history has retained, such as Fanny Mendelssohn or Clara Schumann, andr composers she is rediscovering it today.

1.1 Farrenc: Les Italiennes Op.14 - Cavatina No.1
1.2 Montgeroult: Piano Sonata Op.5 No.3 - Presto
1.3 Bon: 6 Harpsichord Sonatas Op.2 - Sonata in G minor
1.4 Beach: 2 Piano Pieces Op.102 - Dancing Leaves
1.5 Beach: 2 Piano Pieces Op.54 - Scottish Legend
1.6 Backer-Grøndahl: 4 Sketches Op.19 No.2
1.7 Schumann: 3 Romances Op.21 - 1. Andante
1.8 Hensel: 4 Lieder for Piano Op.8 - 4. Wanderlied. Presto
1.9 Smyth: Variations on an Original Theme (of an Exceedingly Dismal Nature)
1.10 Bonis: 5 Pièces pour piano Op.109- Mélisande
1.11 Barbillion: Provence - I Bord de mer, le soir
1.12 Barbillion: Provence - II Fête de soleil
1.13 Boulanger: D'un vieux jardin
1.14 Bosmans: Six Préludes - Moderato assai
1.15 Bosmans: Six Préludes - Lento assai
1.16 Bosmans: Six Préludes - Agitato
1.17 Bosmans: Six Préludes - Allegretto
1.18 Bosmans: Six Préludes - Cantando e dolente
1.19 Bosmans: Six Préludes - Presto ma non troppo
1.20 Tailleferre: Impromptu
1.21 Chaminade: Toccata Op.39
1.22 Park: Sonata in F major Op.4 No.1 - Menuet
1.23 Zumsteeg: Polonaise No.3
1.24 Peterson: Staccato polka

Marie-Catherine Girod: Regards de femmes

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