Marigold Engine: In a Big Room

Marigold Engine: In a Big Room
Title: In a Big Room
Label: CD Baby

If emo is too emo for you and alternative/rock/metal has started dull your senses with sameness, you might find In a Big Room, by Marigold Engine just the fix to slide you into that comfort zone where you feel like this band has always been your friend & you're just glad that they finally came out with something new for you to groove to. Whether it's the driving bass on Drive In, or the silky vocals In a Big Room or Virtual's techno-groove there's something here to please anyone. You're the Lightning is clearly single material with it's spunky U2-like guitar, rich vocals and crisp drums. Goodbye, has funky acoustic verses, power chord chorus, and timely lyrics about New York memories. Drive In is just as catchy as Lightning... but In a Big Room is my favorite. It's beautiful ballad feel, clean melody & fresh harmonies are perfectly balanced with airy guitars and fills. -- Kevin Valentine, VALENTINE FINE ARTS ***Check out this great review from Michigan-based, MUEN Magazine - he liked us so much you'd swear we knew him (we don't): ME - excerpts from the review: Score: 5 out of 5 Solid hooks, charismatic vocals, lots of adrenaline and a gut feel for where to lay the icing on thick.' That somewhat paints the picture of one of the best pop/rock groups I've heard in a very long time... ...all you really need to know is: If you like good solid modern rock that is not short on creativity and instrumental know-how, then you just have to get the album. If all goes the way it should, this band will be making their way into your home anyhow! ...The production quality of the album can stand up to anything out there. A vocal sometimes akin to Stevie Wonder, musically going in the direction of such bands as U2 and Better Than Ezra.This band is a master at high-driven pop rock with a genius flair for effect and melody, propelled by the programming skill of Saari. Totally refreshing, contemporary rock with a techno feel. ...makes this band a highly probable candidate for 'going to the top.'This is one of the best albums I've heard to date in the Midwest region. G. Cataline,

1.1 You're the Lightning
1.2 Goodbye
1.3 Drive in
1.4 In a Big Room
1.5 Sorry
1.6 Diva
1.7 Virtual
1.8 We Will All Get It
1.9 Christina's Wave
1.10 Better Than It Was Before
1.11 Dear Miss Heart
1.12 Wanted

Marigold Engine: In a Big Room

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